• GRUB left uninstalled

    Cnchi didn’t install GRUB successfully. I’m dual booting Antergos with my Windows 10 installation.
    It redirected me to Arch’s wiki page for GRUB troubleshooting after the installation, I followed the BIOS tutorial (my system doesn’t support UEFI) and it didn’t work for me… I’m currently writing from my Windows installation.

    May it be that I chose a wrong partition to mount /boot/efi on? I’m not sure about what to do… with instructions I will gladly boot into the live CD again and follow commands. I installed the bootloader via Cnchi on my SSD (aka where I want to install Antergos).
    Sorry if my question is dumb, I Googled for a while (3 days with this issue and tried to solve it) before posting here.

    I would gladly re-install and skip the partitioning part and just get rid of Windows but I’d rather see my system working before I risk being stuck with nothing :)

    Thanks in advance!

  • as far as i can see you have windows on /dev/sda and antergos on /dev/sdb?
    So antergos is on the second hd in your system?
    Then you need to change the startdevice by pressing F12 at boottime to start from second hd…
    What i want to say is that you may install grub successfully… but on the second hd…

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  • I just answered 2 question with the same post, now you are number 3:

    Get rescatux [http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/](link url) and watch a youtube video, you should be fine then.

    It helped me when I resized partitions or clonzilla copied disks and destroyed my boot loader. It always fixed it without much hazzle.

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