• Dual Boot - No Boot Screen (Dell XPS 13)

    Hey Everyone,

    I recently installed Antergos on my Dell XPS 13 and wanted to do a dual-boot install with Win 10 + Antergos. I was able to successfully install Antergos, but it still boots directly into Windows 10. I don’t get a Boot-Loader (Grub Menu) or any kind of OS selection screen.

    Is there a step I missed somewhere when doing the base install?


  • one or two harddisks inside ?

  • Only one drive (it’s a laptop). I don’t believe you can add 2 HD to the XPS 13.

  • Bild Text
    Caus the only option inside cnchi for the grub-bootloader is to choose a different HD or do not install it.

    You are shure installer installing fine and you get this in the end?
    Bild Text
    You can simple start the system with the installer medium and chroot into your system as discribed here:

    Ones you are inside your antergos you can reinstall grub manual.
    But be carefull, i do not know more about your installation…may LVM or encryption e.t.c.

  • Get rescatux [http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/](link url) and watch a youtube video, you should be fine then.

    It helped me when I resized partitions or clonzilla copied disks and destroyed my boot loader. It always fixed it without much hazzle.

    Also, you can install grub-customizer from AUR and that will help you to tinker around the easy way.

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