I have just recently installed Antergos with the Gnome DE. Previously I was running a straight Arch install with Cinnamon and then Manjaro with Cinnamon.
I am trying to mount a sshfs drive at login but getting nowhere with the current install. SSH public/private keys installed and working.
In Arch I mounted the drive using crontab “@reboot [email protected]:/media/external /home/robert/Babydragon” worked no problem.
Little different in Manjaro Cinnamon as crontab would not run. I put it as a script in auto-run programs however I needed a delay of 3 seconds.
sleep 3
sshfs [email protected]:/media/external /home/robert/Babydragon

In Antergos Gnome non of the above will work. Extensions won’t give me the choice to start a script and crontab executes the script but not the command.
The other way according to the Arch Wiki if to mount using /etc/fstab and as long as you have a key pair it will run. It certainly runs but does not find the key pair.
I would welcome any help on this.