• Does not function key print screen

    Hi, I have a problem with key PrtSc. When I work in Antergos, I can’t do this by using the key screenshoot some things on the menu. Unfortunately, I will not do this using a default program, as the menu hides like I click in the button in program. For e.g Ubuntu, how clicked a key PrtSc, show window appears and saves the screenshoot. In Antergos I do not have it. I must screenshot one thing, it is very necessary to me. What should I do?

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  • If you’re on Gnome, the easiest way is to install Screenshot Tool extension, and click its icon in the top panel.

  • I forgot to write, I use Xfce.

  • I don’t use it. Can’t help with it.

  • Maybe can install Screenshot Tool goes in Xfce?

  • No, it cannot be installed in Xfce. It’s the Gnome Shell extensions. and works only within it. Xfce doesn’t have Gnome Shell.

  • Problem solved. I installed program Shuter and it recorded a screenshot, because he had the ability to set the shutter a few seconds.

  • @marcello947 said in Does not function key print screen:

    Problem solved. I installed program Shuter…

    Yes, it’s a good tool to work with screenshots. Marking the topic as [Solved].

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