• Random Desktop freeze ever since a couple of days ago

    Hello everyone, since a couple of days ago, my desktop environment will randomly freeze completely (and permanently) every so often after an irregular amount of time and during various actions, such as opening a new file in atom or a new tab in chrome I then have to open a new tty and reboot. I went into the cinnamon logs but I couldn’t find anything interesting. (/home/user/.cinnamon/glass.log)
    Is there anywhere else I can look for what might be causing this behavior? It might be the graphics drivers as well, I am not sure.

  • Hi,

    After getting one of those freezes and rebooting, check your log:
    sudo journalctl -xb -1 and look the end of that log.

    I’d guess it’s a graphics driver problem… but it’s just a guess. If you don’t know what’s wrong with the log, put it in paste2.org and put the link here so we can see the log. Who knows…


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