• SDDM custom DPI changes desktop as well

    Hey folks,

    I’m running a triple monitor setup with my laptop in a docking station. I’m running the latest Plasma desktop with all kde-apps. I’ve setup the desktops to my liking and everything is fine.

    However, SDDM login screen is way too small. When I compare the icons to the lock screen, they are like 1/4th. I can’t even read my name or password.

    I tried changing the dpi setting in /etc/sddm.conf, and this works (although it gets really ugly when I scale it up), the desktop becomes larger as well and gets blurry.

    I checked the scaling for the desktop, but it’s at 100% still.

    So the question, why is SDDM login screen so damn small and how do I change that?

    Ps. I installed SDDM and Plasma the same way on my workstation at home, and its fine. The SDDM icons for new session etc are the same size as the lock screen icons.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Oke, so after some fiddling …

    Changing the DPI in /etc/sddm.conf works, it makes things blurry and ugly. Besides, it changes the session too not just the login screen.

    I’m guessing, but I think something (sddm?) tries to detect and messes it up. Sometimes, when I took my laptop out of the dock and rebooted it, the screen looked oke.

    I removed the dpi option from /etc/sddm.conf and changed the theme to something else. Reboot and it came up fine.

    I changed it back to breeze and logged out, it was still fine. Back in the dock it’s fine too.

    Problem solved but something is off with how this works.

  • Grrrr…

    Nevermind, the problem is back after another reboot.

  • Honestly I think this is a bug.

    It’s simple. When I start up when the laptop is docked, the SDDM login screen is way too small.

    When I undock, reboot, the screen is good.

    SDDM does some detection I suppose and messes it up.

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