Hi, i just installed Antergos yesterday (comming from ubuntu distros) and i’m really liking it, but i have problems using hda-jack-retask to remap the audio pins, i need to remap them because my pc came with “beats audio” and need to specify where does the sound output goes but after i set everything up with HDA-jack-retask and click either apply or install boot override nothing seems to happen, i dont know if it has something to do with PulseAudio.

DE: Gnome 3.22.2
journalctl -xe | grep “failed” :

if you need more logs tell what you need and where to get them please. and thanks in advance for the help

EDIT: this is what i need to do: http://askubuntu.com/questions/396302/how-can-i-enable-the-drivers-for-beats-audio-speakers-for-hp-envy-dv6