• new install screen goes dark?

    Just picked up an HP 15 notebook sys id 2213 with Win 10 and uefi. Disabled secure boot. Would not boot from usb or cdrom. Roomie put in old linux cd THEN it booted to Antergos USB. Wiped drive and installed normally. On reboot i see background and taskbar for a couple seconds then screen goes dark. I am still in OS but have no video and cannot navigate further. Has anyone seen this before, and what to do? Many thanks!

  • @billwx Which desktop are you using? I think more info is needed for people to come up with helpful information.
    I get the same when running KDE-Wayland session, but have no problem with x-session.

  • Sorry about the cryptic post. I was heading to bed with my “new” laptop not accepting my favorite OS. I am using MATE, apparently recently updated as the install now places an already configured taskbar at the bottom, whereas before there was a blank one at top.
    The video worked fine in Win 10 and at boot up but every time i would boot into Antergos it went dark. I tried repeatedly making the screen brighter to no effect. On a whim i dimmed the screen and now all is fine. Apparently somehow Antergos MATE has my dim and bright keyboard function keys reversed? Anyone seen this before? Thanks!

  • @billwx For me the button position seems to be correct, although lagging at times.
    I have to add that I installed the mate-gtk3 version instead of the default installation.

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