• When is Antergos going to fix Mate GTK-3 ISO

    The ISO that ive downloaded comes with mate 1.6.0 however it is Mate gtk-2 desktop. The New gtk-3 Mate 1.6.1 is not installed. This has been an ongoing issue with the Mate desktop in Antergos. I would love to use antergos with Mate Desktop. But I cant it is wayyyy to broken. Its been broken for a long time. Can Antergos team if you are reading this PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.

  • i’m using mate-gtk3 from Arch, and it’s working fine.

    you can install with:
    sudo pacman -S mate-gtk3 mate-extra-gtk3


  • I did try to install but it says g2k panel and gtk3 panel are in conflict. And ot keeps sating gtk2 conflict with gtk3.

    Antergos is arch based its kinda of silly thay it ships with mate gtk2 instead of gtk3. All the other destop environment of antergos like gnome cinnamon xfce heck even openbox is beautiful themed and works out of the box. But with mate its just a blank desktop with blank panel on the top and right click desktop wont work unless you install mate- tweak

  • @linuxguy86
    ah then you’ll need to uninstall gtk2 in order to install gtk3 if you still want gtk3.
    Mate desktop has bug to install indeed as you described, but this are covered on other topics threads, such as configuring it or using a script to reset the configs.
    I wish the possibility to install both gtk2 and gtk3, but that’s up to Mate developers, not Antergos’s dev.

  • @linuxguy86 said

    Antergos is arch based its kinda of silly thay it ships with mate gtk2 instead of gtk3

    I m not an expert on Mate, but the Antergos build of MATE has only been a GTK3, never have the devs dealt with the GTK2 version. Actually, Antergos devs took the initiative to maintain it (GTK3 version only) quite a long time before Arch themselves pulled it up again to their repo after a long time of being abandonded.

  • @anarch is there a way to install the Antergos version after the OS is installed?
    Selecting the packages through pamac is boring and as far as i know using pacman just install the Arch one; but i can be wrong…

  • @fernandomaroto said i

    through pamac is boring and as far as i know using pacman just install the Arch one; but i can be wrong

    As I said earlier, Mate is unknown territory to me. But I assume you can, just like adding any other DE. As to if you go commandline or gui, Pamac saves you the task to note down the packages you need to install as compared to pacman… And provided you have set the Antergos priority repo, it should pull down the Antergos Mate, not the ones from Arch.

  • I made a clean install with Mate in Vbox, and changed my own desktop to the GTK3 version, just to verify the dependencies.
    What I gather is that the default Mate install depends on GTK2. When trying to install GTK3 dependent apps like Mate-tweak, it will first ask to replace the default version with the Gtk3 version. In the end several dependencies can not be solved, creating an error message, saying that it would break the desktop. Nowhere could I find a clear indication about which gtk version is actually used. Only, either Mate 1.16.0 or 1.16.1.

    In order to change to Mate-gtk3, you will have to uninstall the default version first:
    sudo pacman -Rns mate mate-extra After that install Mate-gtk3 like Fernando suggested earlier. It could be that when trying to install the GTK3 you will get some error messages about wrong keys. Just say yes when asked if you want to remove them, then try to install again. Should work.

    If you have already a profile, the GTK3 version will adopt your settings.

  • @anarch Well, my Antergos repository is in the priority first, but always appear a message using the GUI updater like Mate packages are from a greater version than the available, that’s why i guess i’m using the Arch version, am i right?

    @axioma yes, and if there is some error while installing mate-extra-gtk3 due to conflict it’s because there are a duplicity with “galculator”

  • Having started my Linux career in 2007 with Gnome 2 I really liked MATE and had been using it almost from the very beginning, I even compiled MATE 1.2 under Debian to have it available, but MATE’s recent GTK2/GTK3 chaos (and the MATE takeover by the Ubuntu MATE developer, a guy who only wants an own distro for himself and his family and obvioulsy doesnt care about other users and who not only refused to maintain his Arch packages but also closed down all MATE forums) drove me away from it after 9 years with more or less the same desktop. I’m using Plasma5 now and I am extremely glad that I escaped the GTK hell completely.

  • @Jeannie____ True, although I still like Mate, and use it when I am in the mood, Plasma has become my desktop of choice. But unfortunately, we are not yet rid of the GTK problem. Some apps are still GTK based, making integration into the DE almost impossible. Where possible I change to a Qt5 based program, but that is not always possible.

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