• Gnome: how to prevent nemo to autostart

    I’ve been using Gnome and Cinnamon successfully side by side for a few months.
    But it seems that from a recent update, whenever I start the Gnome session, if there are any shortcuts on the desktop they appear twice.
    When I open the system monitor I can see that nemo is running and it’s responsible for the double icons view on the desktop. If I stop nemo the double icons disappear.
    I have checked auto-start apps in my home folder, in the /etc/xdg/autostart folder, in the systemd autostart services, but I couldn’t find any nemo on them.
    How can I stop nemo from starting when using a Gnome session?

  • Could you post a list of all running programs immediately after logging into your GNOME session. It sounds like another program might be starting Nemo (like a nemo extension or something).

  • Thanks lots.0.logs for the suggestion. For now I just found a workaround, on dconf-editor /org/nemo/desktop/ and set “show-desktop-icons” to “false”. Despite the descriptions says “Depecrated” it works

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