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    Double click speed?
    I have a thinkpad x220. I use the trackpoint and therefore deactivated the touchpad to avoid palm artefacts.
    The double click detection on the left click appears to be all over the place. I tried changing the value in the settings accessible from the UI, but it does not appear to have any impact on it. As it is it is barely usable. When clicking on a minimized windows in the panel, it raises it up but minimizes it down instantly as it mistkes my click for a double click…

    Also, the misdle button associated with the trackpoint, on windows and certin other linuses, is a very efficient “scroller” whcih can be used in lieu of a mouse wheel. I managed to activate this mniddle button, but is works as a desktop/windows shifter, not a scroller. Any clue bout that?


  • Try to install xf86-input-libinput package:

    sudo pacman -Syu xf86-input-libinput

    Don’t know how it works for trackpoints and touchscreens; for mice and touchpads it helps to solve many issues.

    Remember to log out and then log back in (or reboot), if you install the package.

  • @just Thank you, I installed it - but still seems not to have changed anything.
    I am very close to give up.

  • @peterlongfield I’m sorry, I haven’t any experience with trackpoints and thinkpads, so can’t help you further, I’m afraid.

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