• Not possible to install Grub on other partitionen

    I just tried to install Antergos on my Notebook.
    Like on my desktop-pic I don’t want to install Grub
    In the MBR of my disk.
    I want to install Grub on the root partition (sda4)
    Now during partitioning Antergos doesn’t give the possibility to select where I want to install Grub.


  • As far as i know it is only possible to choose a different Partition for Grub, but inside cnchi not different options to do with grub installation, you need to do this by hand…

    Bild Text

    here you can uncheck installing grub or choose a device, but not a Partition…
    As i think if cnchi do not install a bootloader then you can do this by hand, as discribed here:


  • It doesn’t let you choose a partition, I guess, but I unchecked the “Use the device below for boot loader installation” box. Running update-grub in the booting distro here (Debian) found Antergos and created a boot menu entry for it. But now I’m booting Antergos with a custom menu entry in Debian’s /etc/grub.d/ directory. Antergos looks like a very nice distro, by the way.

  • Warning: GRUB strongly discourages installation to a partition boot sector or a partitionless disk as GRUB Legacy or Syslinux does. This setup is prone to breakage, especially during updates, and is not supported by the Antergos developers.

    So yes, if you want to do this you have to do it manually.


  • Thank for the answers!
    It is a pity, now I have to look for another rolling-release Linux-distribution which allows me to install Grub wherever I want .
    Perhaps in the future the developer of Antergos will give the installer more possibilities for Grub. It can’t be so different because my sons computer runs with Makulu-Linux and here we had these possibilities.( Sorry).


  • @Rallebiker: …“This setup is prone to breakage, especially during updates”… this will effect to mostly every rolling release Distro you can find…

    And what is the need to boot from a Partition and not device/mbr ??

  • I’ m sorry but in the past I had never prone to breakage during install.
    Why not MBR?
    Windows 10 is sitting there with EasyBCD as my bootmanager.
    I don’t like Grub there because the handling is much to intricately.

  • What i want to say is only that DEVS/Maintainer of a rolling release Distro will not say that this method is save, and when you put this option inside the installer you have to handle all the problems that come up afterwords…
    You may not have any but different systems and in front a rolling release will do problems…

    And if you say EasyBCD it says “Dual-boot with anything you could want.” so you can boot Linux/Antergos within this Software.

  • @joekamprad I tried again to install Antergos without Grub.
    I unchecked installing Grub during installation but the installer ignored that
    and installed Grub in MBR again!
    Ok then no Antergos for my Notebook.


  • @Rallebiker: you are shure you clean the mbr before? caus if installation before write to mbr it still exists after a new install without touching the mbr…

  • Yes, I cleanded it before I reinstalled the Windows-Bootloader in the MBR.
    Sorry I changed to Makulu-linux on my Notebook now (rolling relaease as well) and there is no problem to install Grub on another partition.
    Perhaps in the future Antergos will give the possibility for Grub too.
    Ok Antergos now only on my desktop.


  • @joekamprad :… how about a heavily customised Burg menu?
    For more than 10 years I’ ve putting my grub’s in their own partition, without any problems whatsoever.

  • @warp thread is from 2016 … we are rolling far from that ;)


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