• Lock screen does not accept password

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first Antergos installation, on my laptop. My other PC’s all run plain Arch.

    Reason for Antergos is I can’t be bothered to figure out full disk encryption and Antergos does it for me. Still need to resize the silly partition size choices but that’s easy.

    Anyway, this is a plain Cinnamon install and the lock screen is not accepting my password. I can click the puppet next to the field and get the “normal” login screen and my password is accepted.

    This looks like something simple but no idea where to start.

    Some help would be appreciated.


  • This is something that just started happening to at least 2 more of us with one of the recent updates over the past few days.


  • Thanks Shryp, I did search but limited it to cinnamon forums, figuring it was a cinnamon issue.

    I’ll keep the other thread in my bookmarks and keep an eye on it.


  • It looks like this was fixed via the latest update per the other thread. Appears to be working for me again also.

  • @Shryp

    Yes, it is. Thanks!

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