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    I installed Antergos in VirtualBox 5.0.30 on MacOSX 10.10.5 about a week ago. Everything was working properly, the virtualbox guest additions loaded properly and fullscreen works properly. However, now when I start my Antergos it does not start in fullscreen. Help?

    Side note, when starting Antergos from the live CD, the fullscreen works properly.

  • @bmgxc9 Looks like there is a problem with the guest additions. First, in case you use a special kernel, make sure you have the Guest- and Host modules installed that go with your Kernel.
    Then, make sure you have all needed dependencies installed:
    As host:
    Virtualbox-ext-vnc (not sure if it is really needed, but works for me)

    Inside your Virtualbox-Antergos make sure you have installed:

    After installing your dependencies in Vbox-antergos, choose to power off the machine and reload.

    Never to old to learn.

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