• KDE Online Account - Google-Calendar not integrated

    Hello Antergos-Friends,

    I had a post of online accounts in KDE and used the advice using Telepathy.

    When I created the online account integration (Google) it asked me to manage lots of thing and also my Calendar what I really wanted.

    In Gnome it just worked, now in KDE it doesn’t and I can’t find a way to tweak it. Also I am new to KDE (first encounter many many years ago).

    Does someone know how to get the calendar shown in the KDE Calendar?

  • I am not sure what you mean, but I will give it a try. I do not use Telepathy; it did not work for me.

    Are you referring to integrating Google-calendar in Kontact/Korganizer? In that case you will have to add the calendar from within KOrganizer:
    Settings > Configure KOrganizer > General > Calendars (tab) > add - Google-calendar and Tasks

    You can change your clock in Panel to Event-calendar. You will have to add this first to your widgets. Open Widgets. Click on ‘Get new Widgets’ . Search for, Event Calendar, and install it.After that right click on the clock in Panel and go to Alternatives to choose the Even Calendar.

    Not sure here, but when you use Kontact your calendar should automatically show up in Event Calendar. You can also add your Google calendar manually. Go to Even Calendar and follow the steps under ‘Google Calendar’.

  • @axioma Thank you for your reply. The even calendar actually works, but you have to add the device to your gmail account, The Online Account thing does absolutely jack.

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