• Doesn't retain auto-logon for user

    alt text

    Click on Automatic Logon and apply enter password.
    Go back to Settings then go back User Manager and doesn’t stick.
    As reboot and get Logon Screen.

    Something to do with SDDM? as just switched to that from default.
    Tho used SDDM in other Plasma 5 distro’s and didn’t have this issue.

    Confused by the empty password box? For email? as clicking on it brings up new password? confusing.

  • So none have this issue? As also noticed that using Conky manager trying to autostart my Conky script doesn’t remember auto-start. And having issues of trying to get Conky to run on startup.

  • Sorry, I have no idea about the OP.
    Coming to Conky manager, there s a setting in the app s preferences to set the time you want it to start. Have you tried it?
    You can also go to Plasma s “start up applications”, Click the “add program”, type “conky manager” in the search bar and add it.
    Please, open new threads when you want to ask something different from what the topic is about. This way it is of great help to other users facing a similar problem.

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