• CCSM after last update (last night) not working

    After last nights update Compiz-emerald no longer works, cannot even get the ccsm manager up even though it is still installed
    How can I get CCSM back

  • @Hazz-Davis As you know, there are two differently packaged Compiz available - 0.8.12 and 0.9.13. I’m using 0.9.13; what follows refers to 0.9.13.

    After reading your post I discovered that CCSM doesn’t launch for me too. Usually I use it during initial Compiz setup only.

    I’m almost sure that it is caused by protobuf package upgrade. It took place 2016-11-19 on my system. protobuf was upgraded from 2.6.1-2 to 3.0.2-2.

    A quck’n’dirty workaround for me was to downgrade protobuf back to 2.6.1-2. CCSM starts and works with it here. The workaround is not nice, because it introduces an outdated package in the system.

    To avoid an immediate package upgrade to 3.0.2-2 again, add it to IgnorePkg = line in /etc/pacman.conf:

    IgnorePkg = protobuf (and others, if there are any)

    If there’s no protobuf-2.6.1-2 in your local pacman cache, you may get it from Arch Linux Archive (ALA) here.

    I use gtk-window-decorator with Compiz, not Emerald, so can’t speak about it. I may try Emerald later, but first all systems must be backed up. It will take some time.

  • Mate many thanks for that, I’m using version 08-12 and it did work
    Downside is I only got etc/pacman.d NOT the conf…any other idea how to block that beast

  • C’mon, that’s easy. Depending on your preferred - and installed - text editor:

    • from CLI, terminal:

      sudo vi /etc/pacman.conf


      sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
    • from GUI, Alt+F2, and then:

      gksu geany /etc/pacman.conf


      gksu pluma /etc/pacman.conf


      gksu leafpad /etc/pacman.conf


      gksu gedit /etc/pacman.conf

    and so on, using any installed text editor.

  • Thank you friend, for this old man nothing easy no more…things I should remember I don’t
    stuff I would prefer to forget still come back at the oddest of times

    Again I thank you

  • @Hazz-Davis I’m sorry. And understand - my mom and dad are the same. Me too, don’t remember everything :) . But we have an excellent cure in Linux - the Zim local desktop Wiki. It holds about 2000 notes here. And remembers everything :) .

    Did you succeed in adding protobuf to IgnorePkg =?

  • Yes mate, again thanks…just looking up this “the Zim local desktop Wiki” something else to do lol

  • @Hazz-Davis Search for zim in pamac, if you use it. The package is called simply zim.

    Or, it can be installed in CLI (terminal):

    sudo pacman -S zim
  • yup got it, just reading help file/folder

  • @just lol it has more functionality than gnote, i’m always learning in Antergos forums, thank you.

  • @fernandomaroto said in CCSM after last update (last night) not working:

    @just lol it has more functionality than gnote, i’m always learning in Antergos forums, thank you.

    I love zim because of four main things:

    1. It allows to organize pages (notes) in hierarchical structure, of unlimited depth

    2. With Ctrl+Shift+F it searches in all pages, and allows to use wildcards, like find *keyword* anywhere in the text, in any page

    3. It keeps pages as simple ASCII text files - any text editor may be used to access them directly, without zim

    4. It allows to link not only its own pages between them, but any other file, image, sound, video, web pages, any other object in the filesystem, everything

    Shame on me, I’m going off-topic :) .

  • @just off-topic yes, but i thank you for doing that.
    Thanks for the tips on how to use the program as well.
    Indeed, to export gnote notes to .txt i had to use a script i found on internet. Zim is far more better.
    I’ll cease posting here to not mess the topic’s forum too.

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