• How to create Persistance LiveUSB of ANTERGOS from windows 7 ?

    I have tried popular tools like UUI, LiLi and Rufus but not able to create persistence but able to create working live usb otherwise…The tools above doesnt have Antergos as one of the supported distro. Very pleased to use Antergos but lack of persisatnce is playing spoil sport. Please help

  • @aviz ,hi
    “USBWriter is a free USB image writer that supports .iso files (which Antergos uses) with ease. Just head to the Source Forge link below and download the program, “browse” to the .iso image of Antergos, select the target USB drive and click the “Write” button and it will properly format the drive and write the image”.

  • @anarch Thankyou for the reply…but the tools above that I mentioned do make a usable Antergos live USB but without persistence…which is the specific problem I was mentioning. USBwriter doesnt seem to have a persistance option…any how i will try to do that and then will let you know if it works…thanks again.

  • @aviz Hi, i used rufus to create my Antergos livecd on win 10, i don’t know why is not working for you.
    I remember only that at the time i created it, some message appeared and then rufus downloaded some file from internet to complete the installation…
    Maybe you need to explore some of the rufus options to make it work.

  • @aviz

    The way a distro rolling release is structured, itś very difficult to make a PERSISTENT INSTALLATION, it’s better install it directly --in fact-- I have Antergos with OpenBox installed on a pendrive.

    Rolling Release is always updated.


  • oops, i missunderstood the topic, @aviz wants to install the OS inside the pendrive?
    In this case if everything you tried failed, perhaps you can install through virtualbox, using 2 pendrives, or 1 .iso and 1 pendrive:
    Boot the Live Antergos and install inside pendrive (don’t need to add a hard drive on virtualbox.

  • @Archrysler and @fernandomaroto many thanks for the suggestions but i read in some forums that full install in usb is not good idea because of two reasons one the latency of reading from the usb ( same is the case with live usb I agree) and real installed os reads and writes multiple times and since the write cycles life of the usb is much less than HDD or SSD and with prolonged use the usb can become lifeless in a few days ? Any experience with full install on usb guys please share…thank you in advance

  • @Archrysler ,the Archlinux is also a rolling release if I am not mistaken and so is Manjaro but both are supported for persistence in the tools that I mentioned…so rolling release is unlikely the problem …isnt it …correct me if I am wrong…

  • @aviz

    You have read is true, but that has solution, once installed Antergos, modify the fstab to mount / proc, / tmp / and / run as tmpfs.
    I’m going to start pen and I’m going to make some catches.

    See later

  • Hi

    Usb image capture:


    Antergos instaled on usb , btrfs file system for compress mode and many things loaded in ram tmpfs mode for to remove read/writes from pendrive.

    I don’t know if manjaro has that tool, but it’s difficult, it’s not like( easy) Ubuntu that you can use a casper partition.

    Arch and Antergos uses other forms in the live (aufs, overlaysfs …)

    It’s not impossible, it sure can be done, but I do not think it’s worth it


  • what about liveusb-creator?
    it’s in AUR and the fedora site says it create persistent installation

    and also this

  • i tried the fedora live usb creator it is not working…it is writing but on boot up it throwing error and stuck at boot screen.

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