• Wondering about Update Notifications in system tray?

    alt text
    alt text

    Seeing No update service or icon for tray notifying of updates?
    And nothing showing for updates checking in collapsible notifications.
    Am I missing something? Running KDE version latest iso install.


  • To get the Pamac icon in System Tray - red, when updates are available - add the pamac-tray to autostarted programs in System Settings:


  • Thanks thought it was something like that. As use to Netrunner Rolling Manjaro. But the Octopi-notifier was configured by default for you. As would think on install that would be something you would want knowing when there were updates by default.

  • Gosh. @just, if only I had waited for just a little bit!. There s always room for learning. Thanks from me, too.!

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