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    Just thought I share a little project I did.

    I have an old 2009 MacMini and installed 2 x 1TB Hard Drives. I also bought 2 x 8GB USB-Stcks and started to install Antergos Basic on one USB stick.

    I installed Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Plex and Couchpotato.

    Plex is set to transcode in Ram,. Antergos has tmpfs set to run the /tmp folder and that is what I used to transcode. Otherwise the USB stick would die an early death.

    The File system is BTRFS which in my oppinion is just superior and uncompicated than LVM.

    I created a folder under /root, called scripts and created a mounting script for my BTRFS (2 x 1TB) HDDs as raid 0 (This are just movies and TV shows).

    Now I cloned the USB stick holding Antergos-Server and if it ever dies or even would (what I don’t believe is going to happen) get broken by an update, I just put the clone in (after I cloned this then) and I have almost no down time.

    With LVM I would have tp go through a whole procexx to import and none release lvm-group. BTRFs writes the RAID0 infromation into the file-system and it picks up just fine, no hazzle whatsoever.

    Antergos and BTRFS an unbetable team!

    To compare, I have a bigger home server with more drives and different raid-settings running on Centos 7 which is also doing a good job, but Antergos is a hazzle free and quick installation. Also, I like to think it is faster and more snappier :-)

    Don’t forget to install denyhosts to keep bots out of your private stuff, just in case.

    Copying, moving and everything file related I use MidNight Commander.

    Bytheway: You don’t need BootCamp or waste space with OSX, 2009 macmini is UEFI capable and I installed Antergos as UEFI boot.

  • @dirkme
    Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe next time you can write a Wiki Article with all this setup ;)


  • I am working on my written exam for my Commercial Pilot License, maybe after I passed both written and flight exam ;-)

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