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    I have been unable to find the panel settings for 2016.11.20 using Gnome GUI.


  • What are “panel settings”?

  • The settings to manipulate the panels. Well what Linux calls panels in most distros, but in Windows it is called a task bar. For example, in Kali Linux it says “panels” in the main settings area, which allows me to make it wider, adjust font sizes, etc… I have a high resolution screen and I am attempting to make it readable.


  • You can adjust the Gnome dock with the Dash to Dock extension (right click on the applications button). For the other settings try the gnome-tweak-tool.

  • @shawnthor
    Gnome 3 by default has no graphical interface to adust/manipulate the panel as such a functionality is considered too confusing for the targetted Gnome 3 user by the deveopers of Gnome. .Either use extensions ( and hope they are compatible with our Gnome 3 version) or the “tweak-tool” or work your way through the dconf settings to change what you want.

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