• ISO Refresh 2016.11.20

    Notable Changes: Packages updated for the live and minimal install environments.

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  • @lots.0.logs Downloaded and seedling now.

    OBS: if you download navigating the site the version for download is the one from october.


  • the mirror on the main site hangs still. or maybe it’s just me. havent been able to download any iso from antergos for the last 2 refreshes.

  • @solus667 that’s strange, i had no problem about that…

  • There’s a small, but valuable improvement in Cnchi, which runs with this ISO.

    Partitions labels, which user sets in Cnchi while prepares for installation, are actually applied. There’s no need to set partitions labels again in the installed systems by hand.

    Maybe it was fixed earlier, but I’ve skipped last 2 or 3 ISO refreshes.

    Very useful and highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Thanks that works. Bookmarked

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