• KDE and online accpunts intergration [solved]

    I just tried to add an onlin account and can’t do it.

    Googled and of what I could find was it is just not working.

    Does anyone know a workaround?

    And how embarrasing that is for KDE, nowadays it is a must have on a Computer.

  • @dirkme You will have to install: kaccounts-providers
    Currently only Google and Twitter seem to be supported.

  • Much more providers are included in Telepathy:

    sudo pacman -S telepathy-kde-meta

    Some connection managers are supported by separate packages:

    sudo pacman -S telepathy-farstream telepathy-idle-gabble telepathy-idle telepathy-rakia
  • @just I went with your solution and it works fine, thank you.

  • @dirkme That’s fine, but as I don’t use online accounts I’m not an expert here - some connection managers may be missing, some may be not needed.

    Thanks for marking the topic as [Solved].

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