• Gnome not locking screen automatically


    As you pointed out use gnome-screensaver it looks like jumping 10yr in the past but in the same way I would expect that a simple and consolidated functionality like auto lock screen is working out of the box without need to workaround and waste time for it.

    I know this is not related directly to Antergos but to some issue between light locker and gnome anyway I just don’t understand why Antergos ship with lightdm if it is not working, it should install GDM by default if you select gnome desktop.

  • lightdm was working before, this is the danger of Rolling Release, and i am shure antergos devs are working on it!
    And my thinking is that we as community users are with them fixing stuff like this.

  • @joekamprad
    Right that’s why I opened this thread:

    • I cannot find any complete information about this problem.
    • I got the same issue about 6 month ago and now I have installed on a new machine Antergos and nothing is changed.

    Probably the best we can do is ask light locker to fix this issue:

    Anyway Antergos devs should evaluate the possibility to switch to GDM also because Gnome settings are functional with it: ( I don’t know if there is any place where I open this request)

    • it is just confusing to have 3 places to set the lock functionality all not working.
    • Even if light locker was working fine we still have 2 settings in gnome not used.
  • @postadelmaga:
    LightDM is a cross-desktop display manager,so it is the best soluton for default, devs do this here in freetimes, also it follows the KISS idea.

    You are right on a request to have a clean solution for locking from Gnome.

  • by the way:

    light-locker is a simple locker (forked from gnome-screensaver) that aims to have simple, sane, secure defaults and be well integrated with the desktop while not carrying any desktop-specific dependencies.
    It relies on lightdm for locking and unlocking your session via ConsoleKit/UPower or logind/systemd.”

    and lightLocker: Last updated over 2 years ago.

  • Right Place for general Antergos :

    Already put a question there: lightdm-gnome-locking-problems

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