• KDE sluggish and strong on CPU usages

    Just installed KDE after many many years and got reminded right away why I didn’t use it for that long.

    After install, I copied 20 GB from one HDD to another and it was running on 100% on all 4 CPUs.

    Did the same with my XFCE install and the max CPU usage I got was 20% over all 4 CPUs.

    Open windows or dolphin seems so cumbersome for KDE and everything seems so slugish.

    Is that just me, or is it the latest version doing it?

    I saw Youtube videos and liked what I saw but my real experience was dreadful to say at least.

    Any ideas?

  • @dirkme said

    Is that just me, or is it the latest version doing it?
    Any ideas?

    Hi, having seen another post of yours, I can only answer you the above questions.
    The new Plasma version is an LTS one and very solid. Compared to Gnome (I saw you installed Gnome as well) is lighter on resourses. I haven t noticed any noticeable performance differences between the two (I don t cpmpare with XFCE, never used it).
    As to ideas, just keep monitoring its functionality since it may be too early, yet for safe conclusions.

  • Thanks for your reply, will not give up just yet as there are many things on KDE I would likw to have.

    Right now I had also trouble installing anything as UEFI, Grub ended up at the usual :/grub… point.

    fixed it, but didn’t last long. Right now installing as bios boot. will see what that does.

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