• Closing lid will suspsend system, even when "don't suspend" is on.

    I installed Antergos on my laptop with GNOME and Nvidia proprietary drivers. In GNOME Tweak Tool, I enabled the “don’t suspend on lid close” option, but when I close my laptop lid, it still suspends… or… more appropriately, enters suspend, then when I lift the lid, it powers on from the BIOS splash screen. Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated: I’m trying to make it so closing my laptop lid won’t suspend my system.

    Interestingly, I remember there being a dropdown option in Gnome Tweak Tool to choose what happens when I close the lid. This doesn’t seem to be the case, here (see screenshot).
    0_1479509652909_Screenshot from 2016-11-18 14-49-41.png

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  • Hi, i had this problem once (with MATE desktop). Please take a look in Control Center if Light locker is properly configured and if you didn’t disable the screen and energy stuffs from startup.
    Good luck!

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