• Laptop screen flicker

    Re: Screen brightness flicker when moving the mouse.

    Like the above unsolved thread I am having very similar issues with the screen flickering.

    Windows 8.1 and antergos dual boot
    Lenovo U530 Touch Laptop
    Nvidia GT 730 M Graphics
    Core i7 4510U CPU

    Currently I am testing latest antergos through a live usb before installing. Everything is absoluletly perfect on the os. The only problem is this significant screen flicker. It is highly noticeable on the desktop with the default blue background. Like @groudfrank mentioned it seems to be less noticable on chrome and lighter backgrounds. Also the problem does not persist on any external monitor so it seems to be a compatibality issue exclusively with laptop panels.
    Any ideas on how to go about fixing this problem would be highly appreciated.

  • I don’t have Nvidia myself, but it sounds like a driver problem, especially when you do not have the same problem when running Windows. Also running from USB instead of HDD may make a difference.
    Maybe this wiki will help you on your way: link text

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