• Looking for an IT Company in EU (Ireland would be fantastic)

    Hi all!

    For work (I’m an IT teacher) I need to get in touch with an IT company in Ireland. It’s very difficult to get any answer by email from another country without knowing anyone there (they do not answer email from unknown people from another country).

    My intention would be to send one of my students there, to learn, for a short period of time (two or three months), doing a traineeship or something similar there. They would be able to hire him/her if so is desired after that period of time.

    I got a contact there but they have said no at the very last minute (they have been very nice, but now I do not know where to look for another option).

    Do you guys work in an IT company there or know anybody that works there? (I don’t even know if there is someone from Ireland here).

    If you’re from another EU country or know somebody that works in an IT company in another EU country, this would be OK, too. My intention was to send them to an English speaking country, but now I’m kind of desperate.

    Thanks in advance,
    Gustau (karasu).

    1. Sorry for necrobumping
    2. Nobody from Ireland?


  • You may have tried this already but I cannot help but observe that Clement Lefebvre, the main leader of Linux Mint, is from Ireland. It may be a little odd but I am sure he is quite familiar with people in IT companies in Ireland. It is worth trying if you have not already. Great that you are trying to help your students. It is difficult to get started in anything and your efforts may make a big difference in someone’s life. Good luck.–falcon40

  • @karasu
    I’m unsure if this would be of any help but this is a long shot here: linkedin - Ireland

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