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    Numix Frost issue on Cinnamon 3.2.1

    Since I last upgraded Cinnamon I’ve been having some issues with Numix Frost.

    First of all, as shown in the photo, my bottom panel is cut by a few pixels.

    Second and most annoying, when I alt tab I can’t see which of the programs is currently selected until the thumbnail popup shows up, and it doesn’t even show the thumbnail.

    I was not able to screenshot this though.

    For the time being I’m using the default Cinnamon theme, which sadly doesn’t look nearly as good as Numix Frost.

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    It’s best if you fill your issue here: https://github.com/Antergos/Numix-Frost/issues
    Do it when you have the time, please.

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    @karasu Ok, thanks for pointing that out. :)

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