• Can not connect to wireless during installation

    I has some problem with cinnamon which forced me to reinstall antergos. I am familiar with the installation procedure so we can skip this.
    The problem is that i can not connect to my wireless connection. I enter the name of SSID and password for that SSID. Nothing happens. The computer tries to connect but after a while it gives up. No error message. If i share my internet from my smartphone i can connect to that wifi but not my ordinary wifi. This problem is common not only for antergos but for any other arch based os (manjaro and aprikos OS). I do not have this problem with mint, ubuntu and opensuse. Right now i am using opensuse tumbleweed.
    My usb network card is a dlink card and it has been working with antergos for more than 1 year and it also works with all others linux distributions i mentioned before. Both antergos and manjaro have been installed on this computer before and there is no hardware changes on that.

  • Try setting up your netwok adapter to using a manually setup IP addraess instead of dhcp,

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