• Help for Arch at Antergos forums?

    Hi guys

    I apologize if this is inappropriate or something like that, but i’m wondering if i can ask some questions on Arch as opposed to Antergos here. I’ve done fairly well with the installation and such, but there are still some things i have questions on, and have found their community to be relatively unhelpful.

    Would you guys mind?

  • @chasbel2112 this is a friendly forum :bowtie: ask away 👍

  • Awesome to hear!
    I’ve got three things that I have questions about, I hope it’s alright if I ask them all here.

    1. Portal 2, System Shock 2 and Duke Nukem 3D do not run from Steam unless I run
    LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/$LIB/libgcc_s.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libxcb.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libgpg-error.so' /usr/bin/steam

    via the Terminal. Is there a way to set this up so that selecting Steam from the Whisker Menu will run these games? If you need more output from the terminal be glad to post it

    2.) I’ve noticed that when my system tries to suspend due to inactivity the system wants me to authenticate. Never seen that before and I’m just wondering why that is

    3.) Sometimes the Network Manager Applet doesn’t seem to find any networks unless i use the
    nmcli dev wifi con "mySSID" password "myPassword"
    first. I’m just confused as to why that is, as this did not happen on my last Arch install.

    If anyone needs any more info just let me know, i’ll be happy to provide it.

    Also, does anyone know if there’s a dark version of the Numix-Frost theme?


  • @chasbel2112 , hi
    I think you had better start new threads with your specific issues/questions, so ithat you can get an answer should someone comes up with one. Also, it might be wise to mention that you re running vanilla Arch and how you installed it (the arch way, some other installer, eg. Architect?
    *Which DE are you using?

  • @anarch you know i thought that a little later in the day, guess when i started i thought you might not want a large amount of threads started by the same guy.
    thanks for the warm welcome though!

  • Feel free to ask whatever troubles you . That s what forums are for.
    By the way, welcome!👍

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