• Bootloader install fails with multiple OSs?

    On Dell e5420 bios machine and legacy partitioning i had Antergos xfce/lxqt on the first primary partition, plus other linux OSs on 2nd and 3rd primary partitions, plus a 4th extended partition with swap and a couple logical partitions. When trying to install another Antergos in a logical partition OR into primary 2 or 3 the “Installing Bootloader” near the end lasts forever, then installs man pages and finishes with the error that bootloader may not be installed correctly. I restart and nothing will boot. Finally i put it over my original Antergos partition and it installs fine, also picking up the one remaining os. Why is this?

  • Hi,

    It’s been a problem for a long time, now. I think is os-prober fault, that it takes ages to identify all OSes. Search in Google, there are tons of references about this.


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