• GTX 970 Problems

    So I was able to install the Distro fine. After that, I had to hit e before it booted Antergosmodprobe.blacklist=nouveau at the very end of the line that has linux for the first word. If I don’t do this, it goes to a black screen. All the animations on screen getting to the login screen was very slow until I logged in and got to the desktop, it sped up a little bit. Then I followed the commands here from @lots.0.logs. It was going great, though it threw me a small error at the command modprobe -a nvidia which I cannot remember what it said. I ignored it and carried on. When I ran the last one, systemctl isolate graphical.target, everything went black for about 20 seconds and then my cursor and a white screen came up. I waited about 2 minutes and nothing changed. I rebooted, it booted into Antergos with a black screen again… That post was a year ago though, so could anyone help me?

  • Can you reach the graphical DE booting the installed system with the


    parameter again?

  • In a way, I just tried. It’s at a white screen with a mouse. It doesn’t do anything else.

  • I suspect that you have an Nvidia Optimus card. To verify that it is necccesary to get at least into a bash shell, with network access, and install two packages. It could be a bit complicated.

    If you’re sure that you have an Nvidia Optimus card, then read and follow Antergos WIki here. The 1yo instructions you mention don’t apply to Optimus cards.

  • Says those only apply to Laptops. Mines a custom built desktop.

  • Oops, sorry. Can’t help you with desktops.

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