• Enable screen lock / blank screen in Antergos?

    How do you enable screen lock / blank screen in Antergos with Gnome desktop.

    What are the steps required to ensure that the screen locks or blanks after a set time. In other words what do I need to enable or disable in, Light Locker, screensaver, power and privacy settings what are the correct combinations to enable the lock screen and blank the screen?

    I can see on my system that the following are available:

    1. Light Locker Setting is available
    2. Screen Locker in startup applications
    3. Screensaver in startup applications
    4. The default lock screen, I believe it to be Light DM
    5. Power and privacy in the settings menu

    It sounds like a basic request but it is an important one that is easy to enable in other Linux operating systems and it is frustrating not being able to work this out…

  • Have you disabled any settings you may have had in Gnome s native power settings and then enable what you want from light locker?

    To manually lock the screen, there s an extension too that places an icon on the taskbar.
    (the keyboard shortcuts should be Ctrl+Alt+L or Windowskey+L (haven t used Gnome for some time and not sure which one).

    To manually blank the screen there s also an extension (not working under Wayland)

    You may also take a look at this thead:

  • @anarch thanks for your response.

    Figured out what works for me.

    With lightdm as the lock screen:

    In the settings menu, under privacy, Screen Lock set to Off

    In the settings menu, under power, Blank Screen set to Never

    In the Light Locker Settings:

    1. Set Blank screen after to desired duration, this will blank the screen after the set time.
    2. Turn on Enable light-locker.
    3. Set Automatically lock the session to - When the screensaver is activated.
    4. Apply these settings.

    In startup applications, which I can see through the Tweek Tool, I have Screensaver and Screen Locker present and therefore set to start when the operating system starts.

    This worked for me this post is marked as solved.


  • @johnyv123 , You re welcome!

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