• Browser crashes frequently, closes all of a sudden

    Hi I am running Kde on 4.8.6-1-ARCH, I mainly use firefox but have been trying variants for firefox including Tor. All now crash all of a sudden, just stop and close while working. I have remove addons, removed and reinstalled firefox and even deleted .mozilla folder in the home directory. But it still keeps happening. It is hard to explain but the browser just closes all of a sudden. I do believe it also happens in Chromium too. I can not recreate it.
    I have a a small Silent-PC Mini HTPC IPTV Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 5250u 1.6 -2.7GHz, 8GB RAM.

    Can anyone help?

  • Hi,

    First thing you should do is start firefox from the terminal, maybe it outputs something when crashes.

    You could try to create another user and test it with this new user (maybe the problem is not in .mozilla folder but with some other program/plugin/addon).

    Do not install any addon in firefox with the new user. Check if you can reproduce it by entering the same website, for instance.


    To be honest, without more data is difficult to tell.

  • @karasu Thanks for reply. I will try your suggestions and see. Unfortunately this may take time since I dont know when the crash will occur, it seems haphazard but frequent and very frustrating since I can potentially loose work.

  • It’s possible it was the plugin OpenH264 video codec Cisco Systems which was loaded automatically. I have disabled it and Firefox seems to be stable. I will give it some more time to see.

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