• Latest Gnome spin now my fav ! :)

    Now the gnome shell even requires specially customised applications?

  • @Andi-Hope: Yes, but you need to install the Gnome-Shell-Extension Addon in Chrome as well.

    @Jeannie____ : No, if you use FF or Epiphany. Yes, if you want to use browsers based on the Blink engine.

    @danielson: Everytime Gnome is upgraded to a new version, the extensions have to be upgraded by their developers as well, otherwise the extension don’t work in the new Gnome version. Exactly that was your problem, when you started this post. A little later, the extensions you wanted to install had been updated and now they work in Gnome 3.22. Anyway, glad you’re happy now.

  • @chrisflr - maybe i wasn’t patient enough for dev to do upgrade?
    Maybe “top bar” extension could have been installed with Chromium via Andi’s tip instead of Firefox?
    What’s the average delay time for an extension to be upgraded?
    “Hide top panel” hasn’t been updated yet and it used to work fine and dandy.

  • The delay time depends on the developer. Some upgrade their extensions really fast, some slow and some don’t upgrade at all. If you choose “Compatible with Current Version” on the Gnome website, you can see all extensions that will work in your version of Gnome.

    To enable Chrome (or Chromium or Opera or Vivaldi) to install Gnome extensions do as follows:

    1. Install “chrome-gnome-shell-git” from the AUR 2) Install the “Gnome Shell integration” addon in your browser from the Chrome webstore. If you want to use for example Chrome and Opera, you’ll have to install the addon for every browser seperately. That should work (at least it worked for me!)


  • Is it intended behaviour that the Gnome shell requires specially modified applications?

  • @Jeannie____ I’m not sure what you mean by “requires specially modified applications”. The Gnome shell works out-of-the-box once installed. But you can tweak and personalize it with extensions from the Gnome website.

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