• Thunar File Manager Hangs / Lags on open

    I have tried to look past it but it is becoming more and more of an issue mainly when I do not have internet connection . . . Which is weird.

    Here is the issue, I am running Antergos Arch Linux Xfce environment, noticablly when I am not connected to the internet or do not have internet after I log in and attempt to open the File Manager (Thunar) it takes about 10 to 20 seconds then a the window pops up but seems to be stuck or hung on an empty folder where it claims to be “Loading folder contents…” sometimes after a few minutes it shows.

    I have read many things . . does anyone have an idea?
    I would rather not install another file manager, but if i were to what are the disadvantages to uninstalling Thunar using Xfce ? What is your alternate recommendation if i were to use another file manager?

    More than anything, how can I fix this issue?

    0_1479095109488_Screenshot from 2016-11-13 20-37-38.png

  • @squirrel83 you can run thunar in the terminal see if anything funny pops up.

    also i should mentioned i used thunar for a long time using openbox but it seems to have stability issues for the last few years IMO.

    no need to uninstall but try out PcmanFm and i think you will be happy. very close to thunar.

  • Same here, Thunar doesn’t behave, crashes all the time. I use PcmanFm too.

  • Cool ill give it a try, do you have an easy or step by step way to make it the default file manager?

  • I’m on i3, I use what I want to use. They should be a setting on XFCE I’m sure, it’s full of settings.

  • Try Settings -> Settings Manager -> Default Applications

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