• power saving option blank screen not working

    under power setting i have my screen to go blank at 10min. it never does always stays on.

    anyone else having this issue?

    i see a thread about it over at Manjaro also

  • some time ago i experienced the opposite problem, you can:

    • check if you have Light-locker-settings installed, if not, install and configured to it.
    • check if the screensaver and power manager stuffs are not disabled at startup, if so, enable them again.
  • @megaman , as an ex Gnome user this was my first puzzle when I switched to Antergos as my daily drive. Under lightDm, Gnome s power settings don t work. All you have to do is disable them and use the light locker settings instead, which are already installed in your system. Under GDM, however, there is no issue &, I had a feeling that Wayland session worked better (it stopped working now that it became default!!!) But approximately 150MBs heavier because it runs TWO Gnome Shell instances!!! One is permanently running on the background ONLY serving user switch and with no option to disable it!!!.
    @fernandomaroto , when you mention “screensaver” in Gnome you mean…screenblanking (another brilliant idea of the Gnome devs to offer no other alternative by a black screen)

    *** The above were among the good reasons I had to describe myself as an “ex Gnome user”

  • @anarch @fernandomaroto thanks guys 👍

    i didnt know the light locker was installed. i had to dig for it a little bit but it was there.

  • @megaman said

    i had to dig for it a little bit

    You simly call it. Open programs andstart typing its name in the search field.

  • @anarch ya i had changed the desktop with the extensions and got rid of the search area and all apps screen. went with classic apps menu that doesnt have light locker in there.

  • @megaman said

    i had changed the desktop with the extensions and got rid of the search area and all apps screen.

    Idoubt it. You can still reach it from the “dash to dock” extension . The last button with the dots😇

  • @anarch yep i had taken that off also. i had to put it back on. i totally changed everything.

  • I bet luxuries such as Gnome and KDE are NOT for you. I m wondering whatever made you dump Openbox…😕

  • @anarch wayland ;)

    im running multiple monitors now and much easier to configure in gnome. also will be upgrading to a 4K monitor soon and sounds like wayland does a better job at handling that. you are right i dont enjoy the luxuries of Gnome but having a great looking display is much more important to me.

    overall yes i like how openbox works better 👍 but openbox never going to have wayland :(

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