• how to install mate along side openbox

    I have openbox installed and want to install mate. But can not. If i do pacman -Syy mate mate-extra it wont work and i want it from the antergos repo do you have a auto script for this to do. Or how can i do this please antergos help me out here Thank you.

  • Do you get any error messages?

  • @axioma it just wont work for some reason. because its trying to pull from antergos and community repo. And just want antergos repo. so if i do mate mate-extra doesn’t work.

  • @TJ-Wolf I just installed Mate yesterday, beside KDE. I had some problems too, especially with the GTK3 version. In the end I used Pacman and installed all packages from the Mate and Mate extra group. This worked fine for me.

  • @axioma hmm seems when i did sudo pacman -S mate it installed but it gave me the same thing as i left it from before when i installed the first time i used pamac and installed what needed one by one. It didn’t give me a clean install like it should of*

  • @TJ-Wolf
    I meant Pamac in my previous message. But to react on your reply:

    Yes, that was exactly my experience too. I had to install some of the packages independently first before I could install the rest. What I did was do a clean uninstall with:
    sudo pacman -Rsn mate
    Then I used Pamac to reinstall everything. But I think using the command line should work too.

    I also checked all files in the Home directory like .config, .cache & .local, and removed all Mate files I could find manually. I did not check if there where any schemas left in /usr/share/glib-2, but I think there are. This could also have an influence on the result.

  • @TJ-Wolf said

    ts trying to pull from antergos and community repo. And just want antergos repo

    Hi! I really don t know if this is relevant, but is the Antergos repo set first (above all other repos)? in the repo list, like this?


    Take a look here:

  • @anarch This is what mine looks like

  • @axioma I tried this sudo pacman -Rsn mate and said erroe command not found. What all files did you remove in your ./home folder. Can you list them so i can do the same

  • if you installed mate-gtk3 you should uninstall with sudo pacman -Rsn mate-gtk3
    the same for mate-extra-gtk3

  • @fernandomaroto said in how to install mate along side openbox:

    sudo pacman -Rsn mate-gtk3

    nope i didn’t install gtk3

  • ah yes, i remember, you can’t select everything, i mean you should install only one of the caltulators, cause they conflict each other.

  • @fernandomaroto SO how should i do it please help thank you

  • when the system ask you for selecting the apps you want to install:
    to mate just press enter
    to mate-extra copy and paste the numbers beneath (i excluded the calculator number 23):
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26

  • @fernandomaroto Yaaaaah Thank you that worked

    Now just one question how would i remove mate completely start with clean install of mate. It has seemed my default setting i had when i installed mate the first time in pamac was left untouched. I would like to have it installed freshly

  • I’m glad i could help, you’re welcome.

    To uninstall use the command:
    sudo pacman -Rns mate mate-extra
    If after unistalling and installing again the config seems to be the same you’ll have to unistall the way above and manually delete mate config files (if the command doens’t work properly).

  • @fernandomaroto which config files should i delete don’t want to delete the wrong things for mate

  • In the .config folder you will see two folders called Mate and Mate-session. If you decide to uninstall and reinstall Mate again you can move them to Trash after you removed Mate. They will be formed new when reinstalling Mate.
    Because the deleted folders are still in Trash, you can always restore them in case something does not work well, but basically it should not be a problem to remove them. I have done it a several times, without problems.

  • @axioma ummm i don’t have those two folders in .config you sure that’s right

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