• Will not finish installing.

    Hello everyone, i recently tried installing the latest antergos ISO for my desktop. got through updating all the databases and when it attempted to install, it failed, cnchi reported the error to be 326012.
    i have had a lot of issues with linux and that particular machine for some reason, i can try to provide more details if needed.

  • Hi,

    Could you try it once more? Just now when Cnchi shows up, close it, open a terminal and type:
    sudo -E cnchi -d -v --disable-rank-mirrors

    Then, when it fails, do not reboot but check out the file /tmp/cnchi.log

    You can post it in pastebin (or similar service) and put the link here so we can try to find out what’s wrong.


  • Well i did all of that, this time i got no error and it said it installed correctly, but now i cant even find the partition for it to boot.

  • but now i cant even find the partition for it to boot.

    Sorry, I don’t understand. Is Grub menu not shown? Are you using UEFI? Have you installed it alongside Windows?

  • grub is not showing, i am not using UEFI by default, and i have installed it alongside windows.

  • Hi,

    Did you install Windows using UEFI or do you boot in legacy BIOS mode?

    I ask this because if you installed Windows in UEFI mode, you should have installed Antergos also in UEFI mode (I hope you did).

    If you have an old computer (without UEFI) or you did setup “legacy bios” in your bios setup BEFORE installing windows, then there’s a problem in your Grub installation, as you have guessed.

    Could you please boot again into your Antergos USB (livecd) and run sudo fdisk -l so we can see your partition layout?


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