• Wifi Not Working Except Through VPN

    I have a weird problem which has started today. I can connect my wifi to my router and I can ping ip addresses however no sites load or sync services run. My ping indicator is firing out pings showing typical latency of ~22ms. When I connect to my VPN I can load sites and my sync services start syncing again. My thought was it must be a dns issue so I changed my wireless network IPv4 settings from automatic to manual and set opendns servers and google servers as for my dns. The same dns servers I have set up on my desktop pc which is running normally (though it’s wired but it’s the dns I’m confirming so all the same in that respect).

    I’ve turned the wifi off and on again numerous times, reset and rebooted and number of times. Nothing is resolving this.

    Sort of lost now as to what is going on. Can anybody offer any advice?

  • All sorted. Answer found here:


    Not sure what caused the issue. It could have been the vpn changing the dns servers back and forth when connecting and disconnecting or could be with network manager. The resolv.conf only had note to say they were generated by network manager however no nameservers were actually present.

  • @Eamonn-Doyle , well done! Thanks for sharing!👍

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