• "No key available with this passphrase" after installation

    I have installed Antergos with full disk encryption on one of my laptops and it works perfectly. However, when installing it on my other laptop with full disk encryption I get a “No key available with this passphrase” error after I enter my passphrase during boot. The weird thing is that eventually it will work but it is most always after I enter it multiple times. It could be after I enter it 10, 20 or 30+ times. If I boot from the live Antergos USB then I can unlock the volume on the first try every time. This is the image that I have used to make the USB for installation antergos-2016.10.23-x86_64.iso. Any ideas on what is going on here?

  • Have you checked your keyboard?
    And your layout?

    (sorry if this is obvious to you).

  • @karasu Yeah I thought the same thing. I tested the keyboard in gedit with my password multiple times and it always worked correctly, so it seems to be functioning properly. I also tried testing the keyboard in the grub command line and it always worked correctly. I assumed the key layout to be correct since it will eventually work and it works in the grub command line. When I first turned the laptop on today it took the passphrase the very first time but since I restarted it wont accept it.

  • @karasu I assume that grub has its own key layout setting when you first boot. How can I verify what this is set to?

  • So more info. I installed Debian on this same laptop and it has the exact same issue when the disk is encrypted. Not really sure what is going on here.

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