• Virtualbox not running well, must be Wayland.

    I have this error:

    Qt WARNING: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
    (VirtualBox:5945): Gdk-WARNING **: gdkwindow-x11.c:5554 drawable is not a native X11 window
    Violación de segmento

    Any clues?

  • @Caiosama205

    Looks like it… I haven’t tested virtualbox in wayland, though.

    Does it work in Xorg ?

  • How i switch to a xorg session @karasu ?

  • @Caiosama205
    If you use Gnome, use GDM. There is a “Gnome Xorg” session (by default it uses the wayland one).

  • I recently had similar problems in Wayland session. For instance, GIMP didn’t behave well.
    I can’t understand why GNOME devs made this session the default one. It’s clearly not ready for everyday usage.

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