• Graphical installer and RAID, Intel RST, support. OK?

    Hi, trying to get some info on the graphical installer. My research, google searches seem to indicate that the graphical installer didn’t support raid installation or fakeraid in my case. However, when I attempted the graphical install and check the drives detected in the drives app, it listed all my intel RST raid drives including the windows boot raid 0 device. My question, is it safe to select the raid drives in the graphical installer and assign them mount points?

    my detected config via the drive tools in live boot of antergos:

    /dev/md124 (windows boot raid 0) Also sees windows drives on this device including uefi partition, FAT32.
    /dev/md126 (unconfigured raid 0)

    It also seems to recognize the windows uefi partition on the raid device and sees it as FAT32. Is it safe to config this as /boot/efi using the graphical installer?

    Wanted to put the swap and boot partitions on the raid 0 device. Root on a normal non raid drive.

    Waiting to pull trigger, Thanks…

  • @defiant

    Hi, when we say that it does not support RAID, is because:

    1. It can’t create/delete/manage RAID at all. This does not mean that Cnchi can’t manage partitions inside the RAID.

    2. Installation on RAID has not been fully tested, so we want to make clear with this warning that you SHOULD backup all your data, in case some disaster occurs.

    My advice would be to use gparted to create all partitions you need and then use the installer.

    Having said that, if Cnchi sees your devices you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Remember to NOT format (uncheck the format checkbox) /boot/efi

  • I have been working on this problem for two days because my old HDD died and all I have left is two 1TB HDDs that I NEED to use in raid0. No matter how I install Antergos or tweak grub and vmlinux after install, it still fails to use raid. It’s a damn shame that something so essential to servers is not supported yet. It’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to move to an Arch install script, I do not have time to setup Arch from scratch, or change distros.

    If anyone knows a fix for this issue, please share it with the community.

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