• Anyone Trying LXQt with Antergos?

    I’ve been interested in LXQt for awhile but waiting for some maturity. Is anyone in the community using LXQt with Antergos? I’d appreciate your feedback.

  • @Orlet i havent used it myself but from some of the screenshots it looks pretty good.

    project has been going for a few years should be pretty solid. they just had a recent release.


  • @megaman Yes, it looks nice. Installing a headless Antergos and then adding LXQt as a DE myself is sort of pushing my skill set at this point. I am hoping someone is using it and can give me their experience.

  • It’s in Arch repos, so installing it shouldn’t be that hard:


    Of course, you’ll get a vanilla setup that you’ll have to adapt to your taste.


  • Yes, I’ve looked at the package list. I’ve also read:


    I’m confident I could install/config. it myself but it would more fun to be a beta tester for a new Antergos DE option. 😉


  • @Orlet Is that an offering?

    If you really want to help with a Lxqt setup please do so!

    Write down everything you do from a Base installation to get LXQT up and running. We’ll need all packages that you install, and all setup changes you make.

    There is an old lxqt setup that can setup the theme used and the wallpaper. I could work from there.

    I have a BIG todo list, but I’m open to add a new DE to cnchi, now that lxqt seems more stable.

  • @karasu Sure, I think it would be fun. It might take me awhile since this will my first time at something like this but I’ll journal everything I do up to a functioning vanilla setup.

    I assume I can start with the Antergos headless install and not an Arch install ( the Arch way )?

  • It might take me awhile since this will my first time at something like this

    No worries. I’m doing several other things at this moment, so take your time.

    I assume I can start with the Antergos headless install and not an Arch install ( the Arch way )?

    Of course.

    Please, write down also all setup changes you make.


  • @karasu I will. Please let me know the best way to contact you when I’m done.


  • Check my profile, is my email shown? (it should).

    I check my mail many times a day, so it’s the best way to contact me. ;)


  • very cool 👍 an LXQT option i think would be nice to have.

  • Funny that I pop my head in when I’m just about to do a Ubuntu (yes I know it’s not Antergos but I have reasons) headless install with LXQT for my little liva mini PC. Lubuntu was supposed to have 16.10 with LXQT default but it got pushed back. Since I’ve been digging around the packages already if you need any help Orlet just let me know I’ve got a few spare machines I can build an antergos LXQT spin from. That and I think I’ve seen someone in the forums already has set up a lxqt build way back but I don’t recall who.

  • The thread about setting up an LXQt DE I think is here:


    Funny, I used Lubuntu for awhile—great learning, I’ve recently seen a custom LXQt build on top of a Lubuntu min. install. It was a beautiful, minimal, and very fast machine. That’s what sparked my interest. I need to wipe off the dust on an older Dell Latitude that I have and then I’m going to give it a try. This’ll be the first time I’m trying something this tech. ambitious so I appreciate your help offer. I’ll likely take you up on it.
    Is it best to contact you using the chat function on this forum or some other way?


  • @Orlet , so you know, that thread the person who posted uses a third party repository and AUR. That’s a no no for us (I just want to warn you).

    Please, use Arch repositories (using pacman, not yaourt) to install LXQt. If you find that some important package is missing tell us, we could decide to include it in our repository.


  • So I kinda ditched the Ubuntu base install in favor of the Antergos one. Also I cheated. :p

    Here’s how I cheated. Instead of using the base install I used the openbox one. My reason behind this was that I wanted to grab the numix theme, antergos lightdm, and icon packaging without having to manually set it all up.

    This on top of the fact that LXQT is built around the openbox wm made things even easier. Again I could have done a base install as the LXQT group DOES have openbox as a dependency. I just wanted the Numix/Antergos goodies.

    Source: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LXQt
    Source: https://www.archlinux.org/groups/x86_64/lxqt/

    In terminal I entered the install group and lxsession for a few added window manager tweaks. EDIT: Needed connman to make my wifi work properly. Without it I got a weird bug where it just kept disconnecting. Not sure if it’s needed but it fixed my issue.

    sudo pacman -S lxqt
    sudo pacman -S lxsession
    sudo pacman -S connman

    Other than that I removed parcellite (copy/paste manager) and plank for personal reasons in favor of docky. I also set the task manager maximum button width to 200 as I felt it was too long. I also removed the pin favorites option from taskbar.

    I could have went a step further and use kwin instead of openbox wm but I couldn’t find a proper Numix theme for kwin. That and extra KDE stuff that I don’t need. Themes I used were Numix Icon Square, Numix, and Ambiance for the task bar.

    TLDR? Screenshots: :P

  • @karasu Thanks for the warning. I offered that link as a reference only. I am planning to use only packages found in the repos( not AUR).

  • @linuxhelmet Very nice. Thanks for the detailed post. I haven’t decided to use the headless or openbox install as a base. You offer some good points for going with the openbox install. I would like to use SDDM instead of Lightdm. I want to see if I can setup LXQt so that it follows the goals of the project, is pleasing to the eye but not overly flashy, and is light and fast.

    Question though, did you install a GUI for Connman?


  • @linuxhelmet Very interesting! Someone else in the forums told me mixing lxqt and openbox was a no no and would cause conflicts. I installed mine while already using xfce so now have all three. I have some issues with pacmanfm-qt (missing icons in icon view). Might be related to my having already installed pacmanfm under xfce? Otherwise very fast and stable.
    I also customized Lubuntu with lxqt. Very fast, but of course we here prefer the cutting-edge and rolling release of arch.

  • one thing that i tested is to install lxpanel and/or tint2, then if you are in openbox and need some stuff not configured to be accessed quickly you just open one of them in terminal and you have a usefull menu-bar (tint2 may need further config)
    OBS: you can set to startup with the system as well, of course.
    Interesting posts you’re creating here.

  • Sorry for the late response, not trying to revive a dead thread just thought I’d point out that another issue I ran into with kinda “fusing” the openbox build with the lxqt build was running into multiple settings menus for basically the same thing. I will probably rebuild it from the base install of antergos later and make a new post on an install from scratch. I also don’t remember what I did for Connman lol

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