• Cannot set a btrfs formatted bcache device as a mount point in Cnchi

    I have an existing (bcache) partition that I wanted to use as /home, but when attempting to install Antergos through Cnchi, the Add/Delete/Edit Partition buttons are greyed out, and double-clicking does not bring up the Edit Partition Popup, as it does with other partitions, so I am unable to select the partition to use as /home

  • Hi!
    As far as i remember clicking twice doesn’t work. You should click one time and search at left-bottom for something like “Edit partition”
    I’ll run some installation here and get back to you.

    Edit: Worked both double click and the “Edit” botom

    Did you create the new partition table?

  • @fernandomaroto Do I need to set a new partition table for a bcache device? The device already has a formatted partition on it, as I set it up beforehand.

    EDIT: Bcache replaces the block layer, so is it possible that Cnchi is just not recognising the partition table as valid?
    EDIT2: Creating a GPT partition table within the bcache device works, but since bcache itself does not support the use of partitions (/dev/bcache0p1 does not exist, no matter what cnchi thinks), and cnchi does not support Btrfs subvolumes, I will probably have to edit /etc/fstab in order to get it to use the bcache device as home.
    EDIT3: Did have to edit fstab, but it seems to work now.

  • @techno156 I tried just a basic installation on virtualbox, and i never tried to use a bcache.
    I’m glad you managed to find the solution hehehe.
    How exactly did you edit fstab? (if you post here you can help someone in the future with the same problem)

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