• Cnchi freezes on desktop environment select

    Cnchi won’t go past the DE select screen. I’ve had this issue before and figured the bug would be fixed later. yesterday I decided to try and install it on VM and it worked very well but when I actually go to install it in real time it’s back to the same old problem. Anyone have a fix?

    i7 6700HQ
    Nvidia 970M 3gb
    Sandisk x300 512gb
    Intel 440x wifi

    It will however let me install base but only if I use the nvidia fallback boot option. I’d rather not have to do that since the whole reason I want to use antergos is to have an easy arch installation in the first place

  • @steaksoldier said

    I’ve had this issue before and figured the bug would be fixed later.

    Hi!For starts, Is it a fresh iso? I have an older dvd which behaves like that if trying to install.
    Also, what about your Internet connection? You need to have a good one.

  • @anarch No it isn’t. downloaded it only a day before I attempted to install.

    Edit: forgot to add that the downspeed on my home internet is 50 mbps. I’m doing this over wifi as well.

  • @steaksoldier You have an NVIDIA Optimus card. It may be useful to take a look at Bumblebee article in Antergos Wiki before the installation.

  • @just Issue solved. Simply had to disable nouveau drivers. Thank you for your help.

  • @steaksoldier You’re welcome. Antergos Wiki aims to help users. Thanks for marking the topic as [Solved].

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