• how to pxe boot antergos?

    Hi. I have used ubuntu, mint, elementary, etc… but i want to try antergos now. i am trying to boot the iso directly from grub by mounting it in loop, but i cannot find the initrd file. And i tried to search for any network based installation method but couldn’t find any… If anyone can help me with this… It would be a big help.
    I have two laptops with internet connection.one running with win and mint dual boot. other has no CD drive. I don’t have any usb drive. only network boot.

  • Hi,

    I might be wrong, but I think our ISO was stripped from all isolinux/syslinux PXE files, so I don’t think it will work with PXE at all.

    @lots.0.logs will know better.

    Why don’t you use an USB stick?

  • @karasu because I just learnt how to do it with windows, Ubuntu and mint … So I thought I might do it for this too… actually it’s not just pxe. I wanted to know how to boot this iso from grub too… This is the first time I am trying a non Ubuntu based os , and I wanna be able to boot into the iso directly from grub in case the os one day won’t boot… usb or dvd won’t always be available, but an ISO will Always Be on hard disk. It just helps to be prepared.

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