• Help: Does not boot after trying to install graphics card driver

    I bought a new laptop and wanted to try arch, so i installed antergos 3 day before, and i was setting up my things like python packages, emacs etc(my previous environment related to development) for past 3 days. And during the installation and usage of the os, while booting up the os i use to get loads and loads of error that runs too fast. But it use to boot and working fine. Today i wanted to try steam and so i thought of installing bumbelbee first. After that, im unable to start antergos. All i get is a never ending message(the same message that came previously, but now it doesn’t boot and keeps looping the error). I have attached the error as an image.0_1478193331426_P_20161103_222214.jpg

    Now is there any way to get inside or rectifying this mess that i made,without reinstalling from scratch. Because i spent almost last 3 nights completely in setting up things which ended perfectly for my development. I cant imagine dong the whole process again from scratch.

    I also tried getting into the Advanced options fir Antergos Linux and tried all 4 options there,… no use,… Then i did tried to enter into tty sessions(sorry if that is not the correct term, i tried Ctrl+Alt+F1/F2/…/F7, got the same error…)

    In the boot menu, at the bottom there is “Enter:Boot Selection” “E:Edit Selection” and “C:GRUB commandline” and below that another line saying “For Non-Graphichal boot: Add systemd.unit=multi-user.target to the kernel command line” . Can i do anything with these option and change or repair the things …? or is there any way to use a live usb OS to boot and edit the corresponding file or remove them from the installed OS.
    Help Please.

    The laptop i have is, Asus R558U and the graphics card is Nvidia 930mx.

    [since the system is not booting i don’t know exactly which tutorial i followed and what steps i did to install, sorry. And if have i posted this question under wrong section, plz forgive ]

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