• ISO to USB bootable app ?

    Hi ;o)
    i’m looking for a simple application could burn an ISO image to USB drive, simply… i used UNetbootin but it dont work anymore…
    thanks for ur help !

  • The Antergos Webpage advises to use Suse Studio Imagewriter to create a bootable live version. It also works for other .iso files. UNetbootin and other programs do not work, and often crash or freeze during installation, if they boot at all.

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  • I agree Suse Studio Imagewriter works perfectly & is available in Pamac AUR under ‘Imagewriter’

  • Many thanks to both of you :) I’m testing it

  • Ok so i just install Imagewriter but it cant mount my ISO (redobackup iso, a fresh downloaded and other one i had on disk)
    Imagewriter do “Sorry, I can’t write this ISO. You need to use another program to write it to a DVD.”

  • @chris35 Sorry, you lost me with that comment - “You need to use another program to write it to a DVD.” You said you want to write to USB. If you want to write to DVD use xfburn.

    If you are having problems with using Imagewriter read this link

  • Try the Etcher , simple and qualitative programm.

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  • @Uzi no, to USB, that just the error message
    @tuxnot thanks im looking at

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